Die Hard 6 on the way! Part Prequel?

Regardless to how negative, critically the world responded to ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’, the 5th film in the Die Hard franchise still made money. Raking in $304 million worldwide. It is no surprise that a sequel is on its way and Bruce Willis will return once again. live-free-or-die-hard-poster

And it appears the film might have a unique twist that is a first for the franchise. US movie site The Wrap is reporting that Die Hard 6 will be a part prequel with part of the film going set in 1979 and follows a younger John McClane in New York City. Whilst also featuring older Bruce Willis in the modern day with the film being set in two eras.

The Wrap is also reporting that Willis seems to not be signed up to the project yet. But they are also reporting that ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ director Len Wiseman will return to the franchise to direct the next instalment.


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