Grimsby Review – Hilarious, but may offend you

When walking in to see a Sacha Boron Cohen film you know you’re13-grimsby going to get a film full of shock and awe moments, and you’re either going to be offended or find the film hilarious. This is certainly the case for his new film, Grimsby (released as The Brother Grimsby in the US).

Grimsby sees Sacha Born Cohen play Nobby (in what can only be described as a Liam Gallagher impression) searching for his long lost brother Sebastian. In the first act Nobby finds his long lost brother, played by Mark Strong, only to discover he is a secret agent working for the British government. After Nobby accidentally messes up a mission, he and his brother are on the run from both the British Government and terrorists’.

One thing you can never accuse Sacha Baron Cohen of is half arsing it. The film is full of jokes that push the boundaries of taste, a lot is thrown at you in its short 1 hour 23 minute runtime, some of which hits, and others that comes across as offensive and not funny. The ratio on good jokes to bad can depend on sense of humor and how easily you are offended.

This film is full of laughs if you’re a fan of Sasha’s previous works, you will find this film to be full of outrageous moments. Strong and Cohen have great chemistry together, and Strong shows great comic timing playing the straight man to Cohen’s over the top character.

I also thought the kid actors in the film who played Cohen’s (many) children, were unexpectedly hilarious particularly in the final act providing some great laughs.

The film provides two moments that stand out and will probably do so for a while. One scene involving poison and the other involving horses that might be the most outrageous thing this reviewer has ever seen on film, and will be difficult for Sasha to top in films moving foreword.

On a negative side I found Rebel Wilson wasted in this film. Her scenes in particular were a disservice to her and style of humor. They weren’t particularly funny and at times seemed forced.

Grimsby is either going to make you laugh or greatly offend you. But if you are a fan of Cohen’s previous work, the film is full of outrageous, hilarious moments.3 out of 5





By Simon Hanson

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