Updated: Inhumans Scrapped?

A lot has gone on behind the scenes at Marvel in the last month or so. Kevin Feige was promoted to president of Marvel Studios and the crInhumanslogoeative team was disbanded leaving Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter losing control of the movie division and working more with the TV division. People have speculated this could lead to a bigger gap between the Film and TV worlds in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And now maybe that speculation was correct as Bleeding Cool News is reporting that they had heard from reliable sources inside Marvel that although Inhumans still has an official release date the film has been dropped from the slate permanently.

This would be a surprise to many as Feige has wanted to make the inhumans for some time. No real reason has been given for the film to be scrapped but Feige has let it be known that he wasn’t happy that TV series were encroaching on the movies turf .

With Marvels Agents of Shield introducing the Inhumans in such a big way it could be that it has soured Feige’s enthusiasm for the project. As of now Inhumans is still scheduled to be released  July 12 2019.

Update: Hitfix is now reporting these rumours were false and from a source from inside Marvel Studios the film is still on the slate to be released in 2019.

Hitfix also reports that certain elements from the Inhumans comic books have been declared “Off-limits” to the show runners on Marvels Agents of Shield. Elements that Marvel are planning on touching upon in the film.



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