Jessica Chastain Wants to be a Bond Villain!

With ‘Spectre’ set to be released in a couple of weeks and ‘Writing On the Wall’ 7th in the singles charts It seems Bond is everywhere at the moment. And just as much about Spectre there has also been speculation about the future of the franchise, with this possibly being Daniel Craig’s final Bond film.

1361721689_jessica-chastain-father-death_1-2Someone who would like to play a part in the future of the franchise is Oscar nominated actress Jessica Chastain.  In an interview with W magazine whilst promoting Crimson Peak this past week the ‘Stain'(let’s hope that catches on) admitted she would love the opportunity to play a Bond villain. She said “One of my goals is to play a villain in a Bond film. People ask me if i want to be a Bond girl, and I say, ‘no, I want to be the villain.’ I’m waiting for that call!” 

It seems to be that the future of Bond after Spectre is up in the air at the moment. But regardless Bond could do a lot worse than Chastain as a villain, and would be a refreshing change of pace from the usual villain we’ve come to expect in Bond films.

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