Lawrence and Linklater drop out of The Rosie Project.

Portraits- Jennifer LawrenceIt appears ‘The Rosie Project’ has lost a director and lead in just a couple of days. Last weekend The Hollywood Reporter claims that star Jennifer Lawrence dropped out of the project due to needing a break after a couple of big projects back to back.

And now its appears director Richard LinkLater has dropped out aswell as slash film is reporting that he only took on the project in the first place to work with Lawrence and has now followed her out the door.

The film adapted from a book written by Graham Simsion tells the story of a Socially inept genetics professor who comes up with a scientifically sound survey to find the perfect mate. His plans go awry when he meets Rosie Jarman, who in her whirlwind manner possesses all the opposite qualities he should be looking for.

This is disappointing news all across the board, Lawrence and Lanklater have been killing it as of late a chance to see a collaboration between the two of them would have been exciting. It is unknown at this time what Linklater has in the works next however Lawrence is rumoured to be circling a role in Darren Aronofsky’s next project.

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