London Has Fallen Review – Sometimes its fun to see the big explosions.

Two years on from Olympus has Fallen, Gerard Butler is back as Mike Banning, now head of the President security team, whose job it is to protect the President of the United States. London Has Fallen whilst far from Citizen Kane provides a dumb yet fun action movie tMV5BOTA2MDk3NTAwNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODMzMzk3NzE@._V1_CR0,60,640,360_AL_UX477_CR0,0,477,268_AL_hat never takes itself too seriously.

Following on from Olympus has fallen, its sequel London has Fallen sees President Asher played by (Aaron Eckhart) travel to London to attend the Prime Ministers funeral but naturally when there, the funeral is an ambush and many people are killed. Banning is left alone in London with President Asher, tasked with escorting the President to safety whilst also stopping the terrorists who want to execute him.

After years of being stuck in rom-com hell, Gerard Butler shines in this role. Between this and the first film, he is reinventing himself into a modern day action star.

The only flaw I can find in his character is much like John McClane in the Die Hard franchise, at times its seems Mike Banning is a super hero no matter what happens he never seems in trouble or outmatched. Despite the impossible situations he finds himself in. Whilst this makes the character a little one-dimensional the charm of this film is that’s its dumb, so maybe that doesn’t matter.

This film is a throwback to action films released in the 80s, fun to watch for the action sequences, cheesy dialogue and very self aware about what it is, full of great one-liners and big explosions. Much like in the first film with the White House, the scenes are pulsating full of explosions, blood and just senseless violence. It was also fun as a Brit to see so many big British landmarks blow up.

Aaron Eckhart is great as President Asher, you can tell both him and Butler enjoy working together and have great chemistry. One of the best scenes in the whole film is between the action when both characters are just talking about their children, they have done a decent job fleshing out the relationship between the two of them which is perhaps the films biggest triumph, that you care what happens to both characters.

Morgan Freeman returns to play Vice President Trumbull, whilst he doesn’t have as big of a role as he does in the first film, he is serviceable. Its always great to see Morgan Freeman, that guy is incapable of putting in a bad performance.

Whilst this film is far from a masterpiece, London Has Fallen is a fun mindless action film, full of great fight sequences, big explosions and brilliant one-liners.3 out of 5





by Simon Hanson

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