Marvel Considering Scrapping Iron Fist? Inhumans update,

We reported a couple of days ago about the news that Marvel may have scrapped the Inhumans film because of the growing divide between the film & TV Divisions at Marvel Studios. Now it appears something else is in jeopardy of being scrapped.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that previously announced Netflix Series Iron Fist is in jeopardy of being scrapped. It has been rumoured Marvel were struggling to get television right. Now it is reported it could be scrapped all together because of increasing interference by Marvel Studios.

A reliable source told Bleeding Cool “they still do have a say and a sign off into how the show appear and the word is the show may be killed with such procedural notes”.

In an update on the Inhumans story according to Bleeding Cool, their source told them that its not looking good for the planned comic book film. They said that Inhumans was only announced because of the insistence of CEO Issac Perlmutter. This was a compromise so that Feige could green light his projects Captain Marvel and Black Panther.

Now Feige has been promoted Inhumans now looks less likely. Bleeding Cool’s source says  the plan is to “de-prioritise it. Let it fall down the soldiers until, eventually, it’s said that they could never find the right people for it.” 

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