Scorsese’s Silence finds a release date!

If there was ever a Mount Rushmore of film it is hard to argue that Martin Scorsese’s face shouldn’t be on it. His film filmography lists some of the best films of all time from Taxi Driver to Goodfellas to The Departed to Raging Bull, no doubt Scorsese is one of the best Directors there has ever been.

So when his next film is announced its worth making note of the date as deadline is reporting Paramount Pictures are looking to release Scorsese’s next film an adaption of the book ‘Silence’ sometime in November 2015.

The film based on the book about two Jesuit priests in 17th Century Japan who “face persecution at they search for their mentor and work to spread Christianity” features a stellar cast including Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Liam Neeson and Ken Watanabe. No doubt a film with definite Oscar potential.

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