Star Wars The Force Awakens already breaking records!

Following the release of the trailer Monday night, tickets were made available by pre-order and already Star Wars: The Force Awakens is  breaking records 2 months ahead of its release.

Force Awakens has sold eight times as many presale tickets than the previous record holder The Hunger Games. With the opening weekend record being broken this summer by Jurassic World at $525.4 million it is expected Force Awakens will easily surpass that upon release.

Monday night when the trailer was released during Monday Night Football on ESPN, there was over 1.1 million tweets relating to Star Wars.

The IMAX presale record was also annihilated, before this the previous record for any movie was $1 million. Force Awakens made over $6 million.

Demand for the tickets were so high on Monday that ticket  web sites Fandango, and IMAX all crashed because of the overwhelming amount of people.

Speaking about the demand Greg Foster, senior executive from IMAX corporation said “The only words to describe the first day of IMAX worldwide ticket sales for Star Wars: The Force Awakens are ‘record-shattering’. We’re seeing sell-outs across the board- from Hollywood to London, to Sparks, Nevada, and everywhere in between.”

Star Wars: The Force Awaken opens in theatres December 18.



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