Zoolander 2 Review – A sequel so bad, its makes you question why you liked the first one

Almost 15 years after the release of the first Zoolander, Bderek-zoolander-and-hansel-hit-actual-paris-fashion-week-show-fo.797390c7e4caen Stiller is back as foolish model Derek Zoolander. Set In the present day, Derek Zoolander returns to the fashion industry t o prove to social services that he is fit to look after his son who was taken away from him after the events of the first film. Along the way he discovers that his son has been kidnapped by the fashion industry and he must work with his friend Hansel, played by the returning Owen Wilson to get his son back.

Zoolander 2’s biggest flaw is it just isn’t funny enough; so many jokes fall flat as it attempts to recapture the magic of the first film. Whilst the first film wasn’t a masterpiece, it was self aware, full of celebrity cameos and a very funny script. Its Sequel tries to recapture that magic and fails epically.

Whilst it was fun to see Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson reprise their roles of Derek Zoolander and Hansel so long after the first film, the nostalgia quickly wore off, as the execution of scenes that should be funny on paper, were done so poorly that you find yourself groaning.

Too much time has passed between the original and this and the humor comes across as dated. At times the film is poking fun at itself but rather than laughing with the film you finding yourself laughing at how bad some of the jokes are.

The film isn’t without some laughs, there is some charm to be had of seeing Stiller and Wilson reprise their role, and there are some good call backs to jokes from the original film, particularly involving Relax and Hansel (He’s so hot right now!).

Also Will Farrell reprising his role of Jacobim Mugatu from the original film was a breath of fresh air, and his scenes were by far the funniest of them all. Unfortunately there isn’t enough of Farrell to redeem the film, he doesn’t turn up until the last 30 minutes.

Also much like the original, some of the cameos are also quite funny. The film is full of blink and you miss cameos of celebrity’s from all walks of life unfortunately the film doesn’t really dwell on them like its does in the original, stealing its charm.

Despite multiple callbacks and some humorous cameos, Zoolander 2 fails to live up to the original and is dogged down by a poor script, full of lazy jokes with poor execution.

1 out of 5







By Simon Hanson

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